Friday, December 30, 2011

Australia Day Ride #6, 2012 draws nearer

Every year I take off for a decent ride with a bunch of mates on Australia Day. We usually work our way through the Snowy's and as much twisty stuff as we can find.Check out this epic video I made of the 2010 ride.
This video was shot on a fairly average cam (Oregon STK3 action cam) attached to the bars of my Buell XB12X which rattled it a fair bit so the quality ain't great...

It's the highlight of the year because we just ride all day every day, then bunk down somewhere shitty and cheap like the local hotel, eat, drink & talk shit about the day's ride.

Best. Days. Ever.

Last year we got on the Ferry and drank our way to Tasmania then got off the boat and had the only available brekky - McDonalds - before winding our way around the island. Didn't really compare with the quality rides and roads of the Snowy's and country Victoria.

Nothing beats the Barry Way if you like a challenge and don't mind a bit of dirt, perched on top of a cliff or two *ahem*.

This year the crew has rapidly expanded from what started out as six, is now a possible 18! Fark that is a crew, (might have to patch up) but at least we're heading back to the mountains.

Jindabyne is one of my all time favourite places on earth, can't wait to ride there again. So Murphy the tour leader and Wombat the 2IC (he'll hate that) are doing maps as we speak and devising cunning rides for the four days and I can't fucking wait! Cannot wait! Got it? I can't wait to get going. Roll on Australia Day....

Day 1 we stop at Bombala and a bloke's pub who goes by the name Pommy Steve (no guesses why). Day 2 we make our way to Jindabyne. Have a look at the roads into and out of that place, and you'll see why it's one of my favourite places.
Day 3 we stop in at Bonnie Doon and that is all I know for now.

However, Sookie will be all greased up (\o/) and ready to go just in time to do a few thousand kms across some of Australia's finest roads.

I guess I'm about to find out what it truly means to have Ducati arse :)

I'll post some updates & highlights on how it goes of course.

This year I have the Contour ROAM camera which takes a much better video, and it will be on board a Ducati so it would have to be made completely out of awesome in the first place.

Got any touring tips for a nut-job on a Hypermotard?

How do you lube a chain without a center stand when you're touring?