Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ferrari F430 track day at Supercar Lifestyle UK

Ok this video has nothing to do with Ducatis, let's just get that straight up front. But for bragging rights I have to share it anyway, I mean c'mon I got to drive a Ferrari F430!
I was in England mid 2011 and out of the local paper, the one with tits on page 3 everyday, there was this sponsor add where you could go for a drive around the Supercar Lifestyle track in 4 different supercars for only ₤99. I had to do it, and lucky for me it was their summer so the track was dry and it was what they call a 'nice day'. I got to drive a BMW V8 M3, a Porsche GT3 Carera and this Ferrari F430 - all for roughly $180 AUD for three laps in each car. Not bad. I haven't heard of any company doing similar here with Supercars, although I have mates  who have done the V8 Supercars around Calder but that looks pricey compared to this IMHO. This is an in-car cam provided by the company so you get to see a pretty take on what it's like. I loved it, would do it again any day.