Friday, January 13, 2012

Sexy Dainese Ducati motard leather gloves - review

Sometimes it takes $22k to make you really happy, sometimes it takes a Ducati, other times it only takes $100 and a pair of really good gloves.
Today was one of those days cause I got my eBay delivery from Racergrl72 in the form of the latter. Dainese have made these custom for Ducati and they were advertised as Motard gloves so I was instantly drawn to them of course, after all I am the ultimate accessory sucker.

But these gloves are really bloody nice, I mean really nice. Gloves are a very personal thing I think, there are tonnes of different types you can buy and I already have about five pairs that I have kept over the years, some are like the comfortable undies everyone has and should really throw away, but just can't.

They fit too well or remind you of something special. Some have holes in the finger tips because I have hands like a crayfish (some would say I'm like a crayfish, all legs and arms and a head full of shit).

I often wear gloves out that way - but I can't throw them out. They have been all around Australia on some memorable rides FFS!

I might actually be more sentimental about my gloves than I am of some motorbikes I've owned come to think of it, but that was before I met Sookie.

I've got some great Dry Rider Alpine gloves for the winter, and some pretty sweet RJays that I bought on a ride in Tasmania (it was really cold), others that I bought in Cooma after getting frostbite riding the high country in the middle of an Australian summer - go figure. But nothing compares to how I feel about these short leather gloves with that glowing red logo on the outside edge. Made of really supple but strong leather with knuckle inserts that do the job, they also have enough length in both straps to make a tight fit round my pathetic skinny wrists. The fact that they came from USA and I couldn't try them on first, but fit perfectly is just a massive bonus.

From the packet:
  • These gloves are made of natural colour leather, thus any grain of colour differences, or colour variations over time, are completely normal and a guarantee of a natural product.
When a glove feels this good on none of that means squat to me. And these guys have all the goods technically speaking. Not that I can do technical glove speaking, I mean they have full knuckle protection that you would find in more atypical racing gloves, but it isn't so restrictive which is good for flexibility and better endurance over longer wears.

I just read the brochure they came with, searching for the proper term for the knuckle inserts, when I found and had to laugh considering what I just said in the opening post. IN PARTICULAR FOR LEATHER GLOVES
  • Check the length of the fingers, the tips of the fingers must not touch the material
Guess I shoulda read the label a long time ago huh? Don't matter now I have pron gloves.

Made of sexy arse white leather with Ducati labels on the cuffs.

You can't touch me.