Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ducati Hypermotard stunt rider video

It's been a few months of solid riding on the Hyper now and I wouldn't say I've learnt how to ride it half as hard as I would like to, so today's inspiration is from some stunt videos.

Control, power, skill + Hyper = awesome.
I've never been a wheelie king. Even as a kid riding dirt bikes for most of my life I never mastered the balance over power thing to keep the front wheel up. I was pretty shit at it on a BMX as well, green with envy as my mates could kick back on the rear wheel and ride kms down the street. How do they do it?

I can make the Hyper front wheel lift under power, but there is a big difference between being able to make it lift and being able to sit on the back wheel with perfect balance or stand up on the pegs and hold the front wheel up in third gear.

So I'm looking for inspiration and thinking about how I might be able to learn this sort of thing. Maybe track days would help? Stunt rider school? Is there anyway to safely learn to do this kind of thing?

Anyway, my sad arse 40 year old sob stories apart (read mid life crisis on board a red Ducati) you have to check out the skills of Ernie 'Edub' Vigil on board a Hyper for sheer excellence and control. Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.