Monday, February 20, 2012

Ducati Multistrada 1200 tears up Pikes Peak - video

Saw this video on the web and it has cemented my enthusiasm for the brand Ducati, and confirmed that my next bike must be a Multistrada 1200 - or a GT 1000 Sport but that is another story.
I think I just need the extra two valves per cylinder for the little Hyper, they did it for the Monster SR4 by implanting the sexy-as 916 four valve per pot engine, so I can't see why not if we all band together and carry on like pork chops until they build one. Can you imagine how hard a 170kg Hyper would go with that Desmodomic goodness strapped to it? I can. Yeehaaa!

I'd call it the SuperMegaHypermotard. Seriously though after some real ugly multi models (see 2009 Multistrada as an example of said ugliness) I can finally say that when the 2010 Multistrada 1200 hit the shelves I was instantly turned on.

I was excited, and a little bit jaded by how dam expensive it is ($24-32k) but reading all about it and watching this video my mind is made up. I'd rather this than a BMW GS any day, I don't care what you say. Just look at these guys roaring up Pikes Peak, and soon you'll share my enthusiasm...