Sunday, February 5, 2012

Riding the Black Spur

The Black Spur is an infamous piece of twisty road that bikers from everywhere travel too, to ride. Took the Hyper out there for a spin and shot a little video for ya'll enjoyment.
You get to the Spur by taking the Maroondah Highway out of the city and follow the signs to Healesville.

As you pop out the other side of Healesville the Spur begins and takes you all the way to Narbethong.

Not the longest stretch of twisties but a really nice road that is well maintained and has some great corners that the little duck just eats up.

Shot this video with the Contour ROAM camera I won on Facebook (lol!) and this time had it attached to the handlebar mount to see what it came out like. Probably get better results with the helmet cam giving a smoother video but I ahem lost that helmet in a little tumble on the Australia Day Ride.

 Audio is generally pretty shite so I chopped together this vid using a song from one of my favourite DJ's Matt Zo, from the Anjuna Beats family with his original track 'The Lost' - all rights Anjuna Beats 2010. Enjoy.