Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Ducati Hyper Explorer 'Adventure Bike' makeover revealed

Enter the Ducati Hyper Explorer 796. We're not talking about toying around with simple bash plates and add on fog lights, all though it does have all those things -the Ducati Bellevue 'Hyper Explorer 796' is a proper adventure bike makeover that has me really excited.

From the wheels up all the right things have been done to produce a new fresh look at how to get the Hyper 1100 into BMW GS whipping territory (that'll upset some, and make others snort). Chosen tyres are really interesting in the makeover here for me. Being a daily ride in Melbourne means you have to change tyres for the seasons, or make some compromises and go with something 'generally good' in all conditions rather than the near slick-like  Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP fitted on the EVO SP 2012 Corse. That's why I was most impressed at first glance of the Avon AM43 Distanzia tyres. Big chunky on and off road tread that looks tough, would handle the dirt and probably stick nicely on our cruddy Victorian roads for the long Winter. They are not going to be any good for the track at all obviously, but unless you a dragging your knee at every corner in summer then they'll will do the job for the most part, all year round. Did I say they look tough? Then there is that rack. Hello storage! GIVI saddle mount kit , Trakker Bags (very GS looking) and luggage rack give the Hyper much needed touring capacity. It's going to set ya back a bit but I'll get to that... The stock Ducati tank bags and shrouds are just ugly and there is no way I could do it to my bike so this is a very welcomed alternative - downside is that it obviously makes the slender think little Hyper a big arse wide load.

Nonetheless a very serious effort at providing some real distance touring capability. I'd easily see my Hyper doing a trip around Australia with this setup - especially as they have included the HM69 tank upgrade from California Cycleworks to address the little issue of fuel capacity on the Hyper. Adding it here on the 796 should see a HUGE increase in touring distance capability,  which already boasts 4.8l/100km out of the 13lt tank, compared to my 1100 which is only good for just over 200kms on one tank. The HM69 tank takes the capacity up to a 22lt tank which I reckon means you should expect to get 350 - 400 kms. Insert more GS comparisons here.

The tank upgrade is something I am definitely looking into after some pipes, and a credit card recovery... They have also included some nicely placed HID headlights to the forks, a decent sumpguard/bashplate that looks like it adds a few interesting lines and trellis style frame to the front of the bike, and an oil cooler guard much like the EVO Tech one I recently acquired. Up front they have also included Acerbis bark busters with built-in indicators, meaning you can do away with the stock bar-end mirrors. Love or hate em it's something I have done with the Ducati Performance parts, but to be honest I like these busters with indicators better. What it does mean is that you can put a wider range of standard mirrors now with the Acerbis ones including indicators. A quiet stroke of genius and choice.


The featured 796 has been completed solely by the guys at  Ducati Bellevue as a package on the 796. [quote]"Our goal was to create an 800cc class Adventure Bike out of the Hypermotard 796.  Our rationale; the engine in the Hypermotard 796 is simple, low maintenance, proven, powerful and slender; it has all the features of an excellent Adventure Bike power plant."[/quote] Awesome job I say, but luckily (and very cleverly) they have seen the niche in the marktet and all the upgrades fit on ALL HYPERMOTARD models. Yeehaa! The whole look and feel of it was a bit harsh on the eye at first glance I admit, but the more I look at it the better I like it.

It all pulls together and toughens up the look of the of the Hypermotard as a more off road adventure bike really nicely. For a full colour picture gallery head on over to Ducati Bellevue. As I said it does stack up dollar wise, but so does any makeover and perhaps you don't want to do it all, just parts to suit your needs. Here is the full parts and costings from Ducati Bellevue. Ducati Bellevue Accessory Prices:
  • Ducati Bellevue GIVI bag mounting kit - $399.00
  • List item two
  • List item three
  • GIVI Trekker Bags - 33 Liter (pair) - $649.00
  • Luggage Rack - $199.00
  • Ducati Bellevue Skid Plate - $399.00
  • Ducati Bellevue Oil-Cooler Guard - $129.00
  • HID Driving Light Kit - $325.00
  • Acerbis hand guards with LED signals - $169.00
  • California Cycle Works 6.3 Gal fuel tank - $799.00

The total upgrade racks up to a $3,068 USD without installation and there are  probably a good few hours in the workshop getting all this stuff fitted up including electrical and fuel system upgrades - it's a big job. Ducati Bellevue revealed the 796 Hyper Explorer at the Euro Moto 2012 show from March 3 - 4 at the Lynwood Convention centre Washington USA, wish I lived in the states! All I know is, someone should start working on a Ducati Hyper Explorer makeover in Australia, it would suit our country roads and bipolar weather conditions perfectly.