Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hi lust factor at Ducati City Melbourne

I'm reminded why I'm so passionate about the brand when I visit the showroom. First there is the smell - the new bike smell. The scent of Bologna and freshly unboxed new Ducatis everywhere.
Then there is the shiny bikes everywhere, every single one of them spotless and gleaming under the lights, then there is the jackets, and clothes, accessories, cabinets filled with shining exhaust systems - it's hopeless. I am seriously just like that kid in the lolly shop flitting from bike to bike, jumping on every one and seeing how it feels, clicking every button, engaging gears, putting stands down, back up, on and off, have you got the keys to this one how much is that one does this one come any blacker? I must be the most annoying or hilarious customer to serve. OCD kicks in quite quickly. Anyway couple of nice bikes on show today that I would love to put in the shed, hell I'd have one of everything if I had the shed and I'd probably never get in a cage again. The first one that caught my eye as we pulled up at the back of the workshop was this Diavel. Loaded with extra carbon and custom full termi system it just reeked of street appeal.

They're probably not everyone's cup of tea with their new age fandangle looks and whopping big cruiser arse end, but once you see them a few more times it starts to make more sense. A bit like the first time I saw a 916 back all those years ago, it looked so fantastically different that it hurt my eyes, I had to look and look and look then I realised it was the most amazing bike I'd ever seen and that was that. I'm still deciding which way it really is with the Diavel - maybe a test ride would change my mind. His 'Lost Boys' pulled up on two Harley's while I was talking to him about this one and they took off for a Saturday cruise - and it made more perfect sense. In his 50s, mates on Harleys, not patches, just enthusiasts - this guy probably just came off a Fat Boy and onto this not quite ready to forget his youth. Loving the polished silver rims (stock on this model) and big tapered twin termi's jutting out obscenely (his upgrade) and loaded with technology, they rumbled off with a deepness only created by whopping twins and I couldn't stop smiling. Schaweet! Along side that was a Streetfighter.
The ultimate in naked bike the Streetfighter just oozes sex appeal from every angle you look at it. Tough has a new meaning in my book - weirdly though I couldn't tell if this was a 1098 or an 848. Really, it's pretty hard to pick them if you are looking straight on at it and there aren't two side by side. No visible decals or discernible size difference - maybe that donk hiding in there is the smaller one? They only make new the Streetfighter S and its 848 little brother now and it could've been either from where I was taking this shot. I didn't bother looking much closer as it could've been a customers bike, and it's better not to start kicking tyres so maybe one of you guys can tell me from this crappy pic. Loving the cans, nice twin pipes kicking out the back finsihed off with a nice taper completing the lines, and  a DP Open Carbon Clutch cover reveled a DP custom pressure plate and spring caps too. Bit too blingy for me, but I am still thinking about the Woodcraft cover for mine, inspired by Big Steve, just not the bling pressure plate or springs. I might change my mind on that too after a while. All up this bike looked really tastefully tarted up and would go like stink and I'm pretty sure I want one in my shed. Moving into the shop (that's right, I'm not even in the front door yet) and there was this cute little Monster 796 in some sort of painted combo with a tag on it identifying as a 'Dress Up' 796. How funny is that? It sounds like a mannequin at David Jones not a bike I wanna get on and parade around on.

A two into two Termi combo on this baby adds to the appeal. This was be an awesome show pony Sunday cafe ride and sure why not, stick it in the shed. Sorry about the appalling photography I only had my trusty iPhone with me on this trip and I can never manage great shots with it.
Then I finally found myself in the showroom and was instantly surrounded by Multistradas. If the showroom is any indication these things are selling off the shelves because they had every model in every colour by the looks. Man I love these bikes.

The black on black trellis frame just makes me feel bad ass. I would totally make this my second Ducati if I had the cash to increase my collection of one. Seeing them blasting two wins on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb as I've said before was the deciding factor for me. Again 4 valves per cyclinder on this big twin with over 169bhp if I remeber correctly and technology hanging off it everywhere. ABS and Traction Control and four mapped settings that you can flick between while riding. These beauties would kicks arse. So that's four new bikes I need after being out for 20 mins today and no change from $100k, I am in real trouble. Until next time naked fans.