Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Ducati Hyper's excuse for luggage

This is a laughable attempt at luggage for the amount of kaching spent and labour cost to get the rack installed. Laughable. But apart from a backpack it's all I've got.
History tells me that I get away for a four day ride, once a year. Experience tells me that doing 2000kms with a heavy backpack isn't my idea of fun. I knew the Hyper was never going to be a seriously practical bike from that perspective. Shitty mileage, shitty luggage, no top end and I still fell in love and couldn't give a flying duck about any of those things. So I took a look at my options and ended up going with the luggage rack because stuff can always be occyd down to a rack, and then I ordered this last of its kind black soft luggage bag which is made to measure for the rack. For what it's worth It's actually pretty handy as a day-to-day commuter bag. Not exactly the touring capacity of the previously covered Ducati Bellevue Hyper Explorer, but enough to chuck some wet pants, sunglasses, wallet, couple of smartphones, Contour Camera, various electronic bits of crap like cables and thumb drives in and away you go. Part of my usability and acceptability trials of a bag like this is; is it a pain in the arse to fit and remove, twice or more a day? I thought it would be with no fancy tank bag clips or easy clip on and off bits like a Givi box, but actually it goes on and off fairly quickly with the clever strap mounting system (ok, two straps).

1. Slip it on the lip of the rack and then feed the straps under the main mounting point

 Then you just feed the straps back through the buckle and just pull em down a bit to tighten.
2. Straps fold back up and into the clips, pull down to tighten

And that is it really.  Voila. It comes with a rain sock which is handy given the Melbourne weather, and it is a nice kinda soft 'hi-tech' fabric which I don't mind in black but couldn't stomached the red. Much like I couldn't stomach the tank covers and weird arse shroud bags. It's expandable and capable of holding a spare lid too so that's quite noice.

I got the black one from Pure Ducati after not being able to locate one in Oz, landed it cost me $235 AUD including shipping. I would not recommend anything above the state speed limit with this thing on, I don't reckon it is the most stable of luggage accessories, and it is certainly not a cheap option, but for me, just getting in and out of work on the daily, it'll do.

  Source: Pure-Ducati *Updated for Big Steve who asked about the rack itself* Here ya go champ, couple of shots of the rack sans bag
 another perspective....