Friday, March 16, 2012

WaspWorks Power Up Kits

I've always maintained that the best recommendations come from people you know, rather than what a retail store may tell you. Even better when they recommend an Australian company that supplies really hot upgrades that they have installed successfully themselves.
Enter the WaspWorks Power Up Kit then check out these dyno results. 100+ bhp! Yeehaa. Even these with the stock system and cat converter in place they are still impressive. And going by what Big Steve says, this is the best mod he has ever done.

 What excites me the most about riding a little duck, is the noise it makes. Every noise it makes. I like every single clatter and rumble it pumps out under a variety of throttle positions. From idle to wild, it sings like the carnivorous anti apologetic beast that it is. So when Steve started talking about 'ear bleeding chook choking aural insanity' I knew I was a goner. This is one mode I am going to have to do. The WaspWorks Power Up Kit is a complete replacement induction system for the Hyper, but best of all no mods are required to the original bike so you can just take it out and on-sell if you decide to go that way later on. Breathing is pretty important to a Twin, so I can only imagine how much better she will be breathing after she gets these massive intake inlet and humungous K&N suckers fitted. So excited by the prospects.
 Have already touched base with them and got a quote for the full kit including a flashed ECO to suit my 2012 EVO SP model. Won't need to change the front tyre for a few more thousand kms after that's done :) Steve has done a great blog detailing the install process, and best of all he has offered to help me out when I get one. Nice one brother!

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Images: WaspWorks