Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jim Carrey riding a Ducati Hypermotard in Yes Man

I've taken it upon myself to highlight films featuring Ducatis. I've focused on the Hypermotard (of course) first up but am already thinking about other great footage using Dukes. The Matrix is another one that comes to mind...
As Steve pointed out in my last post with Tom Cruise in Knight and Day, Yes Man also featured a Ducati Hypermotard in what is almost a slapstick scene. The film is a dam good laugh in my humble opinion. Carrey is as ridiculous as ever and if you can switch off for a minute to the insanity of the premise of the plot then you might actually enjoy it. But toward the climax of said ridicule, Carrey takes to a new Hypermotard he helped a friend finance and shoots out of the Hospital car park on the back wheel. A really convincing mad hoon ensues and features a pretty good stoppie followed immediately by a balance point wheelie down the footpath.

 It's all a whole lot more 'stunt rider' believable rather than the Hollywood razzle dazzle of Knight and Day. And I have no reason not to believe that this is actually, a Ducati Hypermotard instead of an Aprilia SVX 650. No matter, it's a well constructed stunt ride and looks pretty good even in a hospital gown. Here is the full scene I found on YouTube. Insert lol.

  What other films can you think of featuring awesome Ducati action?