Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tom Cruise in Knight and Day on a Hypermotard - not what it seems

I'm guessing that if you own a Hypermotard then you've probably seen this. It is the scene that pushed the little Ducati Hyper into the mainstream in 2010, even though the film was a bit of a box office flop.
I'm talking about Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in Knight and Day of course. I actually rented it just to watch this Ducati scene and I have to admit, to watch Cameron Diaz. I think she goes alright. To be honest, Tom Cruise doesn't annoy me that much either, when he is acting. Personally I think that whole Scientology thing can take a long walk off a short pier though. Xenu? Seriously? Get a grip, it is a science fiction novel but each to their own I guess. I am impressed by his use of a Hyper on his official Twitter handle though, maybe he really does dig the little Ducati and rides one for kicks on the weekend.
Tom' Cruise's official Twitter profile. He only has 2,841,493 followers at the time of writing this

Anyway, I got this film Knight and Day out on BluRay and watched it eagerly awaiting for the Hyper chase - you literally have to watch the whole film to get to it, so instead of putting you through that I went trawling for some YouTube footage of it. Not much to be found disappointingly - mostly behind the scenes shot by passers by on an iPhone.

Which is a bit of an anticlimax really. The actual chase scene in the film is quite good, you get that sense of Ducati awesomeness and mean rumble, all the while two-up with no helments being chased by drifting jap cars. There are some ludicrous two-up jump scenes and some pretty silly money shots but all in all I am a supporter for the simple reason it's a Hypermotard. Or is it? Through my trawling (not trolling) I discovered it isn't actually a Ducati Hypermotard half the time. I found I this reputable blog highlighting that this is in fact an Aprilia SVX650 all dressed up, used in the filming because it is a lighter and more versatile bike. Dammit! You can actually see they are quite correct if you are familiar with the build of the Hyper by looking at the header pipes, the clutch basket and the swing-arm. All definitely not Hyper-like at all.
Take a close look at the red arrows pointing out the Aprilia bits. Dayum.

Those tyres look pretty Aprilia-esque to me as well and would like to know what they are. But back to the footage I could find on YouTube - this video shows the stunt riders (check and pause at 44 secs);
and this one shows the rig that is actually pulling the bike around the set for the car chase. Slow it down at around 29 secs.
And there a few more like that but no cuts from the film so I guess you are going to have to rent it after all. Aprilia in dress up or Ducati Hypermotard, don't two of the most famous actors alive today make it look like one sexy little red beast?

I think so, and I'm so glad I've got one parked up in my shed. Like this post? Please click a star below and give it a rating. Images courtesy of: IMDB, Two Wheels blog and teh random Internets.