Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hypermotard EVO SP 2012: Reborn

I don't say this lightly, but my bike has been transformed. It is unrecognisable to ride, a completely different bike. How? Two words: Velocity Stacks.
Really, it's hard to explain just how different the whole bike feels with this upgrade. I blogged recently about my purchase of the WaspWorks Hyper PUK and the score of some second hand Termi slip-ons, but today I got the bike back with everything ready to roll... Going to pick it up, I was actually a little scared of what I had done. I tend to over think things and had worried myself into a migraine that I had gone too far. Too much power. It was going to be unrideable. Track bike. Not safe for commuting. Too much power. I was gonna put it down at the first corner in the rain or low side it at the first right hander.

 I was already preparing myself to turn it all back around and just stay stock. Man I can be a total wanker sometimes. Then the mechanic rang and said 'do you want the good news or the bad news' and my stomach did a backflip into my mouth. I replied the bad news. He said 'it's very fast.' Relieved I asked for the good news and basically said 'it's really loud and everything went together exactly as expected, apart from one false dash light reading that blipped off seconds after it biipped on, she was ready to go.' Of course, that is when it started raining so we packed the wet gear and took off to get it, my nerves getting intense and my face looking like a smacked arse. It dried out mostly and I took off, insanely impressed by the way it sounded just on start up. Roll on that right hand and a banshee screeches like it's being strangled,  the sound of air sucking in through the new pods and stacks is indescribable. It chortles. It's a ruckus. Madness, I love it. You should see the size of those dual K&N filters. I seriously thought they'd sent the wrong parts they looked that big. Where they hell were they

  In there, where the air box used to be clearly. What was immediately evident was that this was now a completely different bike. Everything felt different. Strangely it feels more stable. Somehow the stacks and pods have evened out the twin-shakes and it just purs now. The way that the power is delivered is so much smoother and linear, as in straight line linear. It just pulls cleanly all the way through the range. I felt the front wheel coming up under power on corner exits around the speed limit, and had no uncomfortable feelings about it whatsoever. There is just that much power getting to the back wheel now, get it on the right angle and it just pulls up. Smooth and straight and freaking awesome. This shot kind of puts the pods into perspective. Huge! No wonder it breathes better now.

 I really have to warm it up before I ride it now, otherwise it can stall in the cold, and i've seen that engine light blip on really briefly in the cold mornings. Anyhow, here it is, quick iPhone vid just to give you an idea of what it sounds like at idle. Tuff.
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