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Spyshot sightings of the 2013 Ducati 848 Hypermotard – or is it?

When I got the latest Ducati.MS newsletter and saw the headline 2013 Hypermotard, my nuts went up inside my guts just that little bit. The only thing that could even remotely tempt me to change my bike at this point in time, is a brand new model with a Testastretta 150bhp engine in it.
Competition for big motards is stiffening up with different brands now competing hard in the segment, it would make sense that the little single spark two valve Hyper gets a major facelift in its next iteration.   A four valve per-cylinder water cooled 150bhp wet clutch Hypermotard with a bigger fuel range and some sort of luggage capacity could sure throw the cat amongst the ducs, I mean pigeons. Click the dates below for jumps to the latest updates.
One of my best read posts is about the makeover of a 796 (pft) into a Hyper Explorer Adventure Bike so it seems the appetite to take the Hyper up a notch is out there. Are you listening Ducati? Do this for us, we will buy it. The Hyper's been out since 2007 which is a good lifespan for a model in a niche market, but with KTM, ApriliaHusqvarna all having competing motards in this niche it would seem that this is a good time to beef things up for Ducati. The Aprilia 1200 Dorsoduro must be especially threatening to the Hyper, I rode one and still fell for the Duck but I am sure many others took the cheaper more powerful four valve Aprilia for sheer value for money. At one stage you could pick one of those up here with a free set of Akra zorsts including all on road costs for $18,999.00. A lot of VFM (value for money). Yet a Hyper with more power is almost unthinkable. It's sometimes hard to believe the existing 1100EVO SP Corse  only makes 95bhp (soon to be 100 on mine with the help of a WaspWorks PUK) for its sheer oomph factor, thinking about making that jump to a 150bhp would mean quite a few significant changes but would sure as hell result in one hell of a fast ride. Maybe too much so? Anyway, is this it?

 Then there is also this 'Black Hell' futuristic concept which could be closer to the truth than the artist would've ever thought. Only time will tell.

 Many fans of the Hyper as it stands will be offended by a water cooled offering, as indicated by the many replies on the Ducati.MS forum where I found this pic... Perhaps it isn't even a Hyper, it could be a baby Multi 848. Guess we'll all be standing by feverishly checking the news to come out of EICMA 2012 to see what unfolds for real this year. I'm excited.

*Update 19/05/2012

  A new spyshot and fresh speculation about this being a Hypermotard 848 has arisen from this morning. What say you? What is it we are looking at here? Baby Hyper? Baby Multi? That frame and luggage rack certainly look more multi oriented to me than Hyper but it's hard to say from these short glimpses and no official word from Ducati themselves. No doubt more shots will turn up soon, very exciting times people!
 Hyper 848? Image courtesy of

*Updated 6 June 2012*

  Some new spy shots have turned up from the forums! It is looking more and more like we are getting a new Hypermotard 848 with the water cooled engine out of the 848 Streetfighter.

  And this one shows a bit more of the arse end...underslung pipe from the Panigale on the cards maybe?

*Updated 11 July 2012*

  New shot's revealed on Ductalk this week as the final bike takes shape. I'm not feeling very fond of this bike right at this moment. I don't like the lack of trellis frame and the new rear end with it's stock one sided piped dumped out to the right.  Only time will tell...

*Updated 15 September 2012*

  The best source for spyshots has got to be our friends over on If you're a desperate duc fan wanting help, gossip, trade talk, tips and trick and you aren't a member then you are missing out. Overnight a new spy shot has been revealed - click on the picture for full glory. This is probably the most telling picture yet, looking very close to production ready - but are we ready for a higher revving, lower torque, 848 watercooled Hypermotard? Dunno. I've ridden the 848 Streetfighter and it was nowhere near as much fun as my Hypermotard. Only a few weeks to wait guys! We'll be up at the crack of dawn posting the first pics from EICMA 2012 where it is expected this bike, whatever it is, will be revealed.

Updated 12 November

Just ahead of EICMA this has appeared on! Images courtesy: Ducati MS Forum & Daidalgas & Ductalk

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