Saturday, May 5, 2012

The bikers lexicon of slang

I love riding motorbikes. I love driving trucks. I definitely like driving fast cars. Petrol, speed, tarmac, bitumen, dirt, grass, track I just love being on wheels that are attached to engines.  For this post, I thought it would be interesting to define some of the common terms bikers use. Welcome to my bikers lexicon of slang.
Bikies have a language of their own, some of it is practical but a lot of it is a certain reckless attitude applied to language. I had to call on the experience of many biker friends for these, so thanks to everyone one of them for their contribution. Feel free to add yours in the comments section and I'll update it over time.

2 banger - 2stroke engine 2up - A common term used to describe having a pillion passenger on board ABS - Anti-lock Braking System. A system that actively monitors traction and the road surface to prevent wheels from locking up, preventing skidding. First introduced in Motorcycles by BMW in 1988. No friend of mine. ATGATT - All The Gear All The Time. Used to describe responsible riders who believe that no matter how short the distance you are riding, you wear all of your gear; helmet, jacket, gloves, kevlar denims (proper pants et al) and boots for every single ride Badass. - Not the type your mum encourages you to hang out with Balance Point - the vertical point in a 'Wheelie' where the bike balances on it's back wheel maintaining momentum moving forward Bash hat - Helmet (see Lid) Bling - Accessories that usually serve no purpose other than make the bike look pretty (or ugly depending on ones taste) Bowling ball - black open face helmet used on old skool bikes BMW - Bavarian Money Waster Coming a gutsa - crashing Cuttin doughies - complete a donut burnout and cut a burnout up the centre of the circle

Chuck a mono - riding on rear wheel only (see wheelie Counter steering – the art of turning the handle bars one way to get the bike to turn quicker the other way Crotch Rocket - Sportsbike Decking it - Dropping the bike DILLIGAF - Do I look like I give a fuck? ECU - Engine Control Unit.  A box that manages .... ECM - Electronic Control Module. A box that manages electronics.... Endo - Opposite of a Mono. Front brakes on causing the back wheel to lift in the air. Can also mean going over the handlebars. Egg - helmet Fangin it - accelerate at WOT (see WOT) or riding ridiculously fast Fill ya in - Cover a fallen rider with dirt off ya back wheel Fishies - left to right lock to lock sliding the arse end

Flipping - past the point of no return whilst doing mono - see Loop it Going for a Beagle - going for a ride circa 1980 Go for a Blast - fast ride Going for a Herb or Herbing around - reasonably paced ride Going for a squirt - short fast lap Gravel rash - abrasive scuffing to rider or bike after fall Had it pinned - the speedo and tacho needles are on their stops. Flat out. High side -  while leaning into a corner the bike finds unexpected grip and switches direction very quickly flicking the rider off violently along with the bike in the opposite direction of the initial corner lean angle HOG - A Harley Davidson Integrated Braking - a system of applied braking controlled by electronics regulating both front and rear braking at the same time via the use of a single brake (usually the front brake lever) Also no friend of mine.


KTM - Kick Til Monday, Kosts Too Much Keep the rubber side down - don't crash Knee slider - a plate or pad on bike pants on the outside of the knee for getting your... Knee down - the act of resting your knee on the road/track while cornering at extreme lean angles Lid - a Helmet (see skull cap) Lost some bark - (see road rash) Loop it - the disaster point of the classic mono or wheelie where the bike keeps going past power wheelie, into balance point and further back onto the ground in a 360 'loop'. Not a good idea. Low side - when the rider leans over in a cornering fashion but either goes to far and the bike tips completely over, generally on top of the rider, or in the instance of a 'front wheel washout' where the bike slides away, front wheel first from the rider causing a 'low side' accident Mono - inverted Endo (see Wheelie) Pucka Factor - 1-10 Scale of stricktion of the anal sphincter, directly related to the degree of moment or just how close one comes to meeting ones maker Pudding Bowl - Old style helmet Rice Burner - term used for japanese bikes in the 70's by traditionalist American / British & Euro riders in the day Riding the black ribbon - used to refer to riding on the streets

Road rash (like gravel rash). Kinda follows after Wash Out Saddle bags - fat arse engulfing seat of bike and hanging over Scraping ya pegs - the enjoyment of cornering to the limit Scratching – same as going for a blast, getting from A to B as fast as possible, maybe derived from the scrapping of pegs/boots whilst cornering at the limit Straight line expert. - Speaks for itself Scuffing up yr tyres - hard cornering to the edge of rubber Skull cap - Lid (see Helmet) Skid Lid - (see Helmet) Snatch patch – a small pillion seat. generally on sports bikes for the riders female companion Spuds - taking a passenger or pillion SQUID - acronym for a biker wanker, acronym for: Stupidly Quick Underdressed Imminently Dead Standups - same as a wheelie but the rider is standing up straight near balance point for a long distance Staggered wheelie - same as a wheelie but rider places left leg on left pillion peg and appears to stand upright on the bike Stoppies - see Endo Suzuki - the name starts with a dollar sign Tank slapping - barely controllable front end after hitting a bump or getting airborne Thumper - Large capacity 4 stroke single 500cc & above Ulysses shuffle - Two feet down u-turn, commonly seen amongst  Ulysses Riders Wash out - when the front wheel has lost lateral traction Water Bottle - 750 Suzuki early model Widow maker - Kwaka triple WFO - Wide open Flat Out.

 It means just what it says Whiz banger - see 2 banger Wheelie - The classic 'wheelie'. Combination of throttle control and clutch slippage making the front wheel lift in the air. There are different versions of the classic mono or wheel, a 'Power Wheelie' is when the front wheel lifts under dramatic smooth acceleration making the front wheel lift for a short period of time before coming back down gradually. A 'Balance Point' wheelie is when the rider takes the front wheel up to a point near vertical and finds the natural balance point in the weight of the bike and is able to 'sit' and control the wheelie with gentle blips of the throttle for a long distance. WOT - See WFO, similar but means holding a Wide Open Throttle Zorst - der, your exhaust