Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I don't like BMW motorcycles

My touring Scotland on two wheels has come to an abrupt ending as I have decided to return the BMW GS1200 early.
Y[ou might think I've gone mad, but in my own defense I don't do things that don't make me happy. That's generally how I run my life at its most basic. Why do shit you don't like, right? I don't like riding BMW motorbikes. That's all there is to it. That's why this is called Ducatiblog instead of BMWblog I guess. I've never ridden one that I really liked yet. Although I haven't ridden the big motard (HP 2) so I don't know how I feel about that, but I have been riding the latest 1200GS for almost 400 miles so I'm pretty sure when I say that I don't like it all. Even though it has a similar seating position to my Hyper, it's lower and yet bigger with that massive screen up front, so I just didn't have a comfortable riding position.

The seat is wider so it kicks your legs out which ended up leaving me with that feeling you have after riding a horse. The number of times I shinned the cylinder putting my right foot down at the lights is beyond a joke, and my arms were out too straight in that position making me do the hunch shoulder thing. I tried the seat in different positions as well, front up, back down, both up, both down and nothing really made it feel right. I said this in my last post, but to recap, it is a technically excellent and fully competent motorcycle that is far more practical than a Hyper can ever dream of being, but it has no GRIN factor.

 The biggest grin it raised from me was for it's amazing top box which expands cleverly with a lever inside to expand capacity - enough for a helmet which is awesome. Oh and I like the indicator switches, they make sense, one for left and one for right and a kill switch on the right for both. I did however keep reaching instinctively one button too high and hitting the horn quite a few times as well. Annoying. Heated grips. Yay. Whatever. Can't wait to get back on my Ducati. Until then, here is my last biking video from Scotland.

 A really cool dude delivering parts at a petrol station gave me a tip to cut off the motorway and down 'Military Road' which lead me right alongside the Loch Goil shorefront. It was an amazing road that comes to an end right on the Loch at a town called Arrochar. The video doesn't do it justice, you can't see the roller coaster action that was going on. The front wheel was coming up and down more often than a brides nightie. It was tight, no speed limit and quite remote so not a whole bunch of traffic. Just superb riding. That is all.
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