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Complete our survey and get the sticker to prove it

Amazingly, Ducati Blog Australia is almost one year old! I can’t believe the positive response, overwhelming traffic and emails of thanks and appreciation over that short amount of time.

Along the way I have made real friends, interviewed different people from all over the world, expanded by one (Big Steve is a regular contributor and ideas man now), written almost 100 posts and had some amazing rides.

As a way of saying thanks for all of that, we’ve had some vinyl cut stickers made up that are the perfect size for discrete placement on your ride or lid, or god help me, cage!

They also look pretty good on a lid, although I think I should have put mine on my visor now.

All you have to do is take the short survey below and complete all the fields and I’ll do the rest.

Your feedback will help us shape the way write more stuff and expand our little Ducati mad family.

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9 thoughts on “Complete our survey and get the sticker to prove it

    • dan-michael Post author

      hmm what contraption were you viewing on Paul?

      it runs on some crazy script and may not show on a Crapple iPad 🙂

      try hard refresh and then scroll to the bottom, lemme know champ

  1. Paul Balcombe

    Thanks Dan and Steve 🙂

    The stickers will be going on the Hyper 🙂 and I normally don’t do stickers but these ones are too cool

  2. dan-michael Post author

    Nice one Paul aka Minty 🙂

    Glad you like them enough to actually use them! Thanks for the feedback dude.

  3. dan-michael Post author

    Further shout outs to survey peeps – thanks a bunch to Kevin B, Paul B, Dave and Ben – your stickers have been mailed to you as promised.

    Really appreciate the feedback, it’s really encouraging.

    Ducatiblog Australia FTW!

  4. dan-michael Post author


    All you crazy kids that did the survey and got your stickers, don’t forget to take a happy snap of where you loaded it up so I can do a blog post of DB stickers all over the world.

    Take the Blue Pill.


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