Wednesday, September 19, 2012

American Pie: Reunion and the brand power of Ducati

I'm back on the hunt for Ducati guest appearances in films, after recently discovering that 2010 Ducati polled second to Apple in a 2010 'Product Placement' marketing poll. I've become intrigued by the overwhelming power that Ducati has as a brand, especially how powerful that has become in Hollywood films.
This one is a far stretch really because it lasts no more than 24 seconds, but the power of the brand is louder than ever as Finch rocks up on a Hypermotard, giving him instant rockstar status.
 I love seeing a Ducati in films, they provide a statement of quality and tick bucket list boxes like no other brand. Here's a list of the films I've covered so far:
What's your favourite film featuring a Ducati?
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