Sunday, September 16, 2012

Waiting for EICMA 2012 and news of a new Ducati 848

Some people, somtimes even me, sit around waiting for product launches like, let's say for example the recent release of the iPhone 5 which went bonkers online. I work in that space and it was both exciting and annoying for reasons I can't talk about. But what really makes me froth is the idea of a new Ducati. iPhone releases used to excite me but now I can't wait to see what Ducati release in November at EICMA 2012 this year. From the latest spyshots it will bring an 848 Testastretta driven Hypermotard to market. Will we get it in Australia? How long will we have to wait? Bring on November.
Iam literally more excited about this than anyone else I know. I don't really know why I am that excited, I felt the same way about the Streetfighter 848 when it was coming and raced to Ducati City to see it unboxed before my very eyes the day it arrived. Panigale too, I was there. Maybe I'm just a little bit infatuated with Ducatis. But this is more important to me. A new Hyper? What about the current 1100 EVO SP? Will there be any makeover or advancements on that model? Will Ducati stick with an air cooled single spark 1100 engine or push the design more towards a stripped back version of the 1200 Testastretta engine (not bloody likely)?

From all of the spyshots we have seen 'leaked' on the web and have been updating since May this year, we can assume that it is most likely we will just get a baby 848 Hyper or Multi; but much like Apple, Ducati keep this stuff under tight wraps and if I am right, purposely only leak images they want to test the market reaction to. Interestingly I learnt today from an old blog post on Ducati News Today, that in 2010 Ducati was second only to Apple in Product Placement.

 I think that is fascinating when you consider how bonkers people go for iPhone releases. Similarly it seems if you feature a Ducati in Hollywood blockbuster it's a recipe for success. It must be, I've gone bananas trying to locate every film that ever featured a Ducati right here, which reminds me, I need to update that list. Ducati seem to understand branding better than most, proven again by a partnership with Apple at the Keynote release for the iPhone 5. They showed a keynote presentation template that shows a Panigale in high res Retina display glory.


 Cleverly, they demonstrated an app that allows dealers to do full custom fit outs using an iPad. Can't tell you just how geeked out excited that makes me feel. Talk about cashing in on Brand Power.


 But back to the point, EICMA is just around the corner 15 - 18 November - and we should get all the goss on this new release Ducati 848 Testastretta powered something something. Could be my next commuter? What is in store for the next round of the Multistrada? What do you think it is?

 You can follow all the action on a EICMA 2012 app for iPhone and iPad as well (but I think it's in Italian). Looking over the EICMA website though I can't find a Ducati gallery or stand mention anywhere so I've subscribed to the press release kit ,and hopefully I will bring you the news as soon as it breaks. Here's a video from 2011 when the Panigale hit the stand.

 It's exciting stuff, until then stay tuned and ride naked.
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