Monday, October 29, 2012

Hypermotard panel swap time lapse video

I scored a set of white panels from eBay  cheap recently, with the idea that 1) I'd like to do a custom paint job and 2) having a spare set in case of an off is cheaper than an insurance claim at this price, and I think custom is cool.
The deal: a complete set of original Ducati body panels in Pearlescent White for $500, which compared with approximately $2K+ new meant I couldn't pass em up. For no real reason other than complete laziness, I hadn't changed them over as yet to see what it looked like in white. Actually tell a lie, the panels were sans tank cover so I couldn't really leave my Corse tank cover on and change the body parts because that would've looked really crap, so I scored a second-hand matte black tank cover from eBay (again) for $60 AUD landed, which I thought was great considering a new cover would've set me back around $300. Ducati parts... enough said. With a clear calendar I decided today was the today, so I set up my Extreme Cam to auto-capture one frame every three seconds and set about changing the panels. I've compiled all of those images into this time-lapse fish eye video for your amusement. It's one of the features of the Extreme Cam that I do like but more on that later. It's pretty cool watching yourself in fast forward, check it out. I go fast.    
 The end result is this;

 which I am not sure I am that fond of it to be honest but leave me your thoughts in the comments beloooooowwww.....
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