Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recalibration, online Ducati communities and the art of the motovlog

Feeling a little flat from the last post by Big Steve I have been thinking about where I am going to take this blog and what it all means. Asking the big questions ya know?
I was really enjoying having an accomplice to blog with and meeting Steve was a really cool as he rode a Hyper, lived in Melbourne and worked just up the road from me in the CBD. Once we put it all together we became mates and it wasn't long before we were collaborating on ideas for this blog to keep it  and moving. For me right now in my life, it's all about Ducati and my extreme enthusiasm for the Hypermotard. You can actually feel that in my earlier posts. Looking back now I have taken it to different level as I settle into life with it. It is my only bike so I commute daily on it every working day of the year, and I try to get out on weekends as much as my mind and body is willing, and I'll be damned if any of its limitations will stop me touring trying to pretend its some sort of capable tourer. It's recently been up and over the Snowy Mountains tailing two touring Beemas and I think it held its all.

I still love the shit out of it. I think its the most excellent bike I've ever owned and absolutely perfect for me. Okay it has it's limitations but I can count them on one hand and I can't imagine swapping it for anything anytime soon. But Steve suddenly 'turned' on me, edging over to the dark side with so much talk of cruisers and his lust for a Harley I knew the end was near for him. He is a passionate guy and, much like myself, changes his mind often so when he flicked me an MMS of a Dyna I knew it wouldn't be long before the Hyper would get the arse - as it did. He explains the rationale with perfect clarity on his own blog here. So what of this blog and Steve's departure? No big deal! Onwards and upwards I say! Of course we're still mates and I'll miss his writing but I have so many ideas and crazy stories to share I just need to find more time to dedicate to it; you know how it goes - work, partner, family, friends, dogs, eat, sleep... ride, blog, film, edit, publish etc.

This lead me to thinking about the communities I play around in online, and where ya'll hang out discussing motorcycles, Ducatis mostly and what was next for Ducatiblog. Here is a quick snapshot of where I participate online, and then a little bit exciting - something about my next adventure.
To name a few key ones. That takes a bit of time to build up and they are growing slowly, but you can probably see there is one key thing missing from that smattering of social media smut.


 YouTube! I have my own account of course and have loaded up videos to embed here but there is no focus to that account, it is just something I started to finish Uni on a few years back now so it's mish mash of shit really and I don't want to drive Ducati fans to it. So that got me thinking about the next step and what would make for an interesting YouTube channel for this blog. I've always thought my motorcycling videos were pretty boring. Obsessed as I am with filming myself riding and purchasing way too many cameras in search of doing that right, I can't actually put my hand on heart and say I have got that right. Annoyed and kinda out of ideas I was cruising around Facebook as Ducatiblog Australia (it's great having a separate page on Facebook) when I stumbled across a guy called A Riders Life. A motovlog from Melbourne with a successful YouTube channel and a really engaged community on Facebook.

 That was the first time I had ever heard of a motovlog. It lead me on an internet journey of research that came full circle into the next idea for Ducatiblog - of course I want to do a motovlog! I found this forum that seems to be the most popular and has just over 900 registered users playing around filming themselves and loading up narrated video-logs. That is what was missing from my videos! A narrative. What the bloody hell was the story behind the hours of endless footage I had been recording? No wonder it was boring to me. Have you ever heard of a motovlog before? Do you follow any cool ones? Have you ever seen a Ducati motovlog? I got really excited and ordered ANOTHER new camera - the Drift HD 1080P and internal mic from Camzilla and within 24hrs  time I had a brand new camera ready to roll.


 Thinking it through I have a bit of work to do and get it right, but I'm already practising by shooting a few commutes to work and back getting it captured with the right settings and mic position etc. I need to decide on some artwork stuff so it looks like a proper motovlog - and I think that's what intrigues me most about this new community of bikers - the time they go into putting together the videos and creating something that looks good.

It's not just thrown together and uploaded straight out of the camera - there are sound effects, logos, headers, proper intros and camera edits - all the stuff that I got into at Uni and just never knew where to practise it. It all takes a bit of time and dedication but I'm up for it I reckon. So, there it is folks, my next online and social adventure is to bring you something entertaining to watch on the box, a HyperVlog (not a bad name) by yours truly. Hopefully I don't make a complete dick of myself. Let me know what you think in the comments beloooow.