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Shake, rattle and roll

I haven’t written in a fortnight but there hasn’t been a whole lot happening on the motorcycling front for a while and annoying things like work seem to be keeping me incredibly busy of late, so I apologise for being a lazy arse mofo and not writing more often.

So here is a bit of an update of what has been going on lately with the bike. Unfortunately it has been a bit cranky lately and acting up in traffic, being even more ‘chuggy’ than usual. I think it could just be some shit fuel, but caught up in the melodrama that is 9 to 5 I have only really been commuting back and forth to work which is a piddly 30km round trip each day through boring burbs and city life which means I haven’t filled up in over a week. Not exactly a lifestyle suited to the beast.

I don’t know what is going on but trying to keep her in fourth at city speed limits is just ridiculous of late. 40km city speed limits even more bloody ridiculous. The chain feels slack, the engine chugs and all the normal clatter and clanging I have become accustomed to and enjoy, has grown to less an Italian symphony to more of a cacophony of cicadas.

Third gear feels like its revving too hard, fourth makes it chug and there just isn’t any in-between. Now and then on a crisp morning (which have been far and few between lately in Melbourne) it does behave better, which makes me think it is more fuel related than anything else. It’s been pretty consistently hot here of late.

Then there are the bars. The bent bars. The bent bars I can’t stop noticing more and more every time I ride it which I think are attributable to my last off but which were supposedly replaced and repaired mid last year and she went down in a chicaine.

I have been back to see the boys at Ducati City and it is booked in for a look-see at what is going on – one mate Murphy says it could be they have just not been set up properly and if we loosen off the triple clamps and the bolts underneath and give it a good muscle it might come good. Big Steve reckons the forks might be bent.

If I find there is something expensive wrong then I’ll be going back to my insurance company and DC to find out what exactly was done when it was repaired. Grumble grumble…


Whatever it is you can clearly tell that left side is sitting higher than the other. It’s annoying more than anything else and I can’t believe I haven’t noticed sooner. It took Racin’ Mason to ride it while I had a scoot on his Speed Triple 1050R to point it out to me which annoys me even more.

Why can’t I be more aware of these things by myself? Isn’t it obvious? Does this look bent to you?bent-bars

I guess it is no big deal because I have ridden it like a mad bastard over the last 5,000kms this Summer, but it is pissing me off because I didn’t notice it at first and now it’s all I notice.

On the flip-side my new panels should be coming any day soon, so a good visual make over with a new set of plastics isn’t far away. That should renew my joy and turn this stupid frown upside down.

I’ve also ordered and received a set of Evotech heel guards which need to be powder coated black before I put them on. I took off the pillion pegs when I got the bike because I just don’t do two-up and they were ugly and heavy but as a result I keep melting shit on my pipe, like boots.

So I thought these would do something in terms of adding a bit of protection and a reduction in weight over the originals. I think they look slick as well, the stock pillion pegs are angular and jut outwards and upwards. Not sure what I’ll do with my rego sticker now which has, prior to now, been conveniently bolted in place of the left pillion peg acting as a temporary chain guard.





That should stop some boot burn.

I‘m also deliberating over mirrors and indicators. I’ve always loved the stock mirrors from a design perspective. I think they are one of those unique features of the Hyper that I’d ideally like to keep but practically speaking they just suck. I have learnt to live with just one mirror, the left side, flipped out almost permanently, tightened up as much as I dare, but for longer rides or riding with others when you may be packed in tight, it isn’t a great solution for rear vision, so I keep looking at different bar end mirrors and indicator setups but haven’t bit the bullet on anything so far.

I do like these bar end Oberon indicators though which goes against what I had originally planned on doing and adding another set of the short fat square indicators like the ones I put on the rear from Joker Machine, and make some sort of bracket coming off the front beak to mount a set of them up front, and then go for some nice bar end mirrors to do away with the stock set-up completely.


Could I make those work, with a set of these mirrors from Third Gear?


I’d like to think so and I do like the style of those mirrors, I see a little matte black 659 Monster parked up at work now and them with them on and I like it.

It’s funny how all these the little things play tricks on your mind after a while. I know the Hyper is an absolute rip snorter of a bike and I have made the best of it over time, but as an over-thinker is as an over-thinker does, I over-think things and always want more, better, lighter, faster, DIFFERENT to what I’ve got. Damn stupid brain.

I’ve also grown tired of the Termis, just like I thought I would. I’ve had them on two different bikes now, and after a while they just sound tired and tinny. One of my slip-ons has also come loose. I don’t know how or why but one can is now loose and sort of rattles adding to my dismay. I had a seal replaced just after the O2 sensor at the major service and have noticed now that it has come loose again. I think the whole pipe system is shit and wished I went for a full system in the first place, I could do the cat delete but the Termis… bah.

And if I did a full system like the SC Project one I like, my Wolfman Saddle bags wouldn’t work so it’s another compromise I have to juggle. Gah!

End rant.

Until next time, ride naked.

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7 thoughts on “Shake, rattle and roll

  1. Paul Balcombe

    I know exactly what you mean about tricks on your mind and when you find something on your bike that is not quite right, it does your head-in.

    Get that bad boy down to Ducati and get it sorted and while it’s their put the 14 tooth sprocket on…

    My right termi is loose too, I tried to tighten it up but it didn’t work.

    What about another slip-on, LV Cat delete and another tune on the Dyno.
    The guy who tuned mine said he tuned a full Termi system with the WASP PUK and only got 2hp more.

  2. Kevin

    I’ve been thinking about removing my Termi muffler and going back to stock. For me the stock muffler sounds better when onboard the bike but the Termi sounds better listening from a distance. My neighbour has a Hyper with the exact same setup as me (open air box and Termi) and his bike sounds angry. I’m also thinking about a 22 litre fuel tank and Ventura rack for a bit of touring capacity, and from what I understand the stock muffler is needed for the Ventura setup.

    • dan-michael Post author

      Yeah that thought hadn’t occurred to me Kevin but I have heard the stock ones sound ok with some of the guts ripped out and the flapper valve disabled…. it’s an interesting thought. They don’t look awesome with stock pipes though… I would do the bigger tank but that means I’d have to lose my WaspWorks PUK and that would break my heart. Braaaaaaaaaaaap!!


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