Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hellooo, I love you, won't you tell me your name

I think I've done everything I could on the Hyper to try and make it something it wasn't. After putting the 14 tooth front sprocket on I was riding home and I just decided, I'd had enough. So I've traded my Hyper on a Multistrada 1200 S.

 Here is how it went down.

 I had just been on a quick test ride of the 2013 Multi and wasn't really that impressed to be honest, it felt like a slug off the lights and I wasn't that chuffed with all the doodads and improvements, so I was feeling bewildered and the Hyper felt like it was revving its head off with the new sprocket, so I was carrying around a face like a smacked arse. A smacked arse doing power wheelies at every set of lights, unintentionally mind you.

 After filtering up to the lights at Spencer St a dude on 2011 Multi with a full Termi system came up out of nowhere and blipped with a friendly Ducatisti nod hello, and started chatting. I immediately cheered up, his bike sounded completely awesome. Deep, angry, tough, loud. You get the picture. I told him what I had been up to and he made reference to something I had just witnessed first hand; the new Multi is a totally different beast and I should just get a second hand one with low kms like his, put the full system on it and I'd never look back. Stupidly all I could think of at that point was "f**k that sounds awesome and it's got a 20 litre tank, that should do 350kms".

 You see, I've also just been made redundant at work and I am looking forward to a short career break and plenty of longer rides... Something just snapped inside me and just like that, I decided after everything I have done and been through with the Hyper I was going to move it on and get a second-hand MTS. So it was I found this bike, got a great trade price that I was happy with on the Hyper (that made it easy) and cut a deal on a 2011 Multistrada 1200 S with a full Termi system, a comfort seat, small tinted screen and only 6,000kms on the clock.


 From that point on it was a few phone calls and exchanges of emails before, next thing you know, the Hyper is off on a truck to Queensland and I am flying up on Monday to ride back home on it, jiggety jig.


 So excited I could puke.

  Stay tuned for Multi adventures soon!