Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Sex factor: the NCR Leggera

When it comes to high lust factor the team at NCR know how to push buttons. The NCR Leggera is no exception.
If you are gonna take a highly desirable motocycle and fuck with it, you better do it well. So they did. The NCR Leggera can only be called an improvement on the highly desirable, ultimate motard with it's astounding dry weight of 157kg and in full NCR big bore mode pumping out a ridiculous 132bhp, but also costing *from* an astonishing $76,000 USD this is one mad mutha of a motard not to be taken lightly. Oh yeah, I want one.


 Who wouldn't? With a full titanium trellis frame this bike screams WANT.

 Never been a fan of the ZARD zorsts, I don't like the tapered end pieces, fussy I know but at this price I can afford to be as persnickety as I feel like. That said, they look better in black than they do in aluminium. The spark covers and dry clutch assembly on the other hand, totally pumps my nads.

 What is not to like about titanium? Can you tell me? Look at it! Phwoar! It looks every bit as indestructible as it probably is.

  Okay, so this is a radical reworking of the Hypermotard, and at a hefty price, but it is still essentially a Hyper. So for my money (and I'd need a lot more of it to even entertain owning a piece of art like this, let alone ride it) I'd have to say that the Bimotard DB10 apeals to me just that bit more, because it takes the engine and turns it into something new entirely. I still want both of them.
 What would you take out on a Sunday? The Leggera or the Bimotard?

Technical Specification*

PRICE: Starting from: $ 76,000 US *The price is subject to changes WEIGHT: 347 Lbs - 157 Kg FRAME: Trellis frame made entirely of Grade 9 Titanium. Weight: 4,8 Kg (10.6 lbs) MOTOR: Ducati DS1100 (90 hp - 66 kw @ 7750 rpm) GEARBOX: 6 speed FRONT BRAKE: 2 x 300mm Braking WAVE rotors, radial monoblock Brembo Racing calipers with 4 pistons and 2 pads REAR BRAKE: 200mm Braking WAVE rotor, Brembo 2 piston caliper FRONT SUSPENSION: Ohlins titanium nitride coated 46mm full adjustable with NCR Corse valving, adjustable offset NCR triple clamps made in avionic aluminum. NCR Corse billet fork bottoms REAR SUSPENSION NCR:  Ohlins monoshock, fully adjustable including low and high speed circuits and configured by NCR CORSE STEERING DAMPER: Fully adjustable Ohlins EXHAUST SYSTEM: Full exhaust 2 into 1 into 2 configuration with catalitic converter and lambda system. Exhaust is in titanium and the mufflers are in carbon. Design by NCR and built by Zard, the silencers are 45% lighter than stock. WHEELS BST for NCR in carbon fiber, front 3,50"x17" , rear 6"x17" INSTRUMENTATION: OEM Ducati Hypermotard IGNITION: EFI Magneti Marelli, 45mm throttle bodies. FRONT: 120/70 R 17 REAR:180/55 R 17 HARDWARE: Completely in titanium by the Poggipolini Group SEAT: Biposto leather seat by Schedoni per NCR. COLORS: NCR Grey. Other colors optional

For racing use only

SPECIAL PARTS (standard) rear ward and adjustable NCR rear set in Al 7075 and titanium, passenger peg support in tiatnium, custom gas cap by NCR in Al7075, billet NCR CORSE fork bottoms and fully adjustable triple clamps in avionic aluminum. Adjustable ride height adjuster and rear single sided flange in aluminium.

NCR Corse division

Big bore kit to transform the stock 1100cc Ducati engine to 1160cc and increasing power from 90 to 125 hp. Complete NCR Corse engine in 1200cc configuration complete with stroker crank and full NCR treatment increasing power from 90 to 132 hp while reducing weight by 10 kg (22 lbs) * All specifications, pricing & images taken from NCR site
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